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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

House seasoning

I refer to house seasoning a lot in my recipes and posts, probably because I use it a lot! It has pretty much replaced plain salt/pepper in most all of my cooking and its good on everything. Meat, fish, veggies, you name it. If salt and pepper is good on it, house seasoning is better on it.

I cannot take credit for this one. I discovered it a few years ago in a Paula Deen cookbook. It's just 4 parts salt, one part ground black pepper, and one part garlic powder. Mix it up, put it in a container in the cabinet, and use it wherever you would use salt and pepper. It will keep for as long as the garlic keeps - but we've never had one get stale.

You can use any salt you want, I suppose. We've tried it with several types, and table salt is my favorite, mostly because it stays mixed up better and tends not to settle. If you make it with a larger salt like Kosher or flake, remember to shake it up before each use.

Green Scrambles

Green smoothies have been popular for ages now. But do you know what I'm into? Green scrambles! They are fast, filling, high in protein and most importantly: absolutely delicious!!

I used to make these with fresh spinach all the time. But last week my grocery store was out of fresh spinach - I think they actually pulled it off the shelves due to the recall - but either way, I got a bag of frozen chopped spinach instead.

Wow! Frozen chopped spinach is every bit as delicious as fresh, but it is super-easy to work with and won't go bad. So I have a new favorite!!

Below is the recipe I've been using for my morning scramble. Hubby does not share my love of greens, so this is a recipe for one. And it's fast! I let it cook while I'm packing the rest of my lunch, then I pop it in a to-go bowl and leave for the day. It reheats well, too.

Mushroom & Spinach Scramble

2 large button mushrooms, or 3-4 small ones
1 pat of butter
1tsp EVOO
2-3 cup frozen chopped spinach
House seasoning
2 eggs
Cheese (optional)

Rinse and finely dice the mushrooms. Cook mushrooms over medium-high heat in the butter and oil until they just start to change color, stirring occasionally. Add in the spinach and house seasoning (to taste) and cook until it is heated through and any liquid is cooked off. Crack the eggs into the pan and stir constantly until cooked through (this won't take long since the pan is hot). Top with cheese, if desired.