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Monday, November 21, 2011


Several of my friends have suggested that I start a food blog.  I never imagined that anyone would want to read about my take on food, but maybe this will be a good outlet for me either way.

So, hi!  My name is Jennifer and I am passionate about food.  And I am passionate about the idea that in this post-modern world, we need the satisfaction, nutrition and peace that comes only through cooking your own food.  I am disturbed by how disconnected we have become from our food supply and think that regaining that connection could be the key to more centered, healthy, happy lives.

And I have a pretty radical foundational belief:  everyone can cook.  I know too many women who graduated from college and think that they cannot cook.  It may be a skill that they haven't set forth to master yet, but they have the ability.  Cooking your own food is as rudimentary and essential as personal hygeine or balancing your checkbook.

That said, I also *love* to go out to eat.  Trying new restaurants and new food preparations is a form of entertainment for me and one which I enjoy very much.  I am fortunate to be married to a man who is as much a foodie as am I.  He wasn't when we got married, but he has caught on quickly.  :o)

So, come with me as I share my passion!!

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